Master Medical Microtechnology


Welcome to the joint international Master Medical Microtechnology!

The joint international Master Medical Microtechnology develops the core competencies of the three institutions Technische Hochschule Lübeck, Universität zu Lübeck and SDU Sønderborg in the areas of health, engineering and life sciences and strengthens the cooperation between science, industry and clinics in the field of health technologies in the German-Danish region. The program explicitly addresses the area of ​​miniaturization, which on the one hand covers the entire field of minimally invasive surgery (endoscopes, instruments, surgical robots) and on the other hand, e.g. includes implants for drug delivery. The integration of sensors and actuators leads to new diagnosis and therapy options.

The study programs offered by the Technische Hochschule Lübeck have developed focus areas of construction, technology, science, e-learning and economics. The Universität zu Lübeck offers interdisciplinary programs encompassing natural sciences, computer science and medicine, which provide practical and up-to-date education underpinned by the highest standard of healthcare. The conditions on the Lübeck campus are ideal for developing and applying innovative technologies, diagnostics and treatments. This is made possible through teamwork among faculties as well as collaboration with other institutions in Lübeck, the Research Center Borstel, the Medical Laser Centre, Life Science Nord and local businesses.

With researchers and students from more than 50 countries, SDU Sønderborg offers a unique international environment. The university works closely together with the regional companies. With the unique location of Sønderborg at the gateway to Germany and Europe, the university is also characterized by an extremely strong and well-developed border region research community.

The study programme stems from the project Medical Microtechnolgy and is funded by Interreg Germany-Danmark with money from the European Regional Development Fund. Find more information about the project at the project page.

The Program is accredited by ACQUIN accreditation agency.


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