Campus Lübeck

Recommended playlist of 18 short videos for study start from Institut für interaktive Systeme THL.


Activities for internationals

There are many different clubs where Internationals and Germans can take part and mingle:

We also have student tutors who offer personal support and organize activities throughout the semester.


Sports on campus

Lübeck’s universities offer many kinds of activities and clubs that students can join. At the start of each semester, registration is open for people to join the sport groups. Participating just requires registering and paying a small fee (usually about 10 €). Once you have registered, you can sign up for the specific activity you would like to participate.

There are brochures around campus called "Hochschulsport Lübeck" (University Sports in Lübeck) that show you which activities are available and what the associated fees are. Many of the activities are quite popular and places are limited, so registering as early as possible is recommended. The activities are categorized into ball games (i.e. football, soccer, tennis), fitness/ health/ relaxing (i.e. yoga, pilates, aerobics), fighting sports (i.e. judo, karate, kendo), dancing (i.e. jazz, tango), water sports (i.e. water ball, surfing, sailing) and miscellaneous sports (i.e. horseback riding, biking).

Office of Campus sports

Building 2, central university administration
Phone: +49 451 500 3023

Opening Hours:

Monday until Thursday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm


Activities on campus

Just in case you were wondering, studies are not the only goal of your education! Lübeck is a vibrant city offering an extraordinary range of recreational activities. Below are set down a few links:

Lübeck Pop Symphonics e.V.

This is a unique ensemble of over 70 students from the University and the Academy of Music, comprising a symphony orchestra, rock band, choir, and vocalists. Their music spans epic rackets, quiet ballads, mind-blowing rock, and moving musical hits – all performed together with a big band and a medley of percussion instruments.

“Salt Peanuts” big band

Named after the trumpet legend Dizzy Gillespie’s standard of a fast tempo swing, this big band of the Lübeck universities has been jamming for many years now. Its musicians are mostly students and alumni from the University of Applied Sciences, the Universität zu Lübeck, and the Lübeck Academy of Music.

Lübeck University Choir

Eva-Maria Salomon founded this choir in 1987, as part of a commemoration ceremony for the deceased that was composed by medical students at the university. About 40 singers from various faculties now practice choir pieces of all genres.

Lübeck University Orchestra

In 1991, a small group of music aficionados studying medicine founded this orchestra. Since then, it has grown to a stately size of almost 70 musicians. Most of the musicians are students, but anyone may join. The orchestra practices once a week in the Institute for Medical History and Science Research and a public concert is held regularly at the end of each semester. It also performs at official university functions, like welcoming new students at the start of their first semester, at convocations and awards ceremonies.